Center for Learning

The Center for Learning (CFL) is a collaborative and cooperative learning environment where students from all disciplines can discover the tools, strategies, and resources necessary to become life-long learners. The CFL is staffed by professors, professional tutors, and peer tutors who provide FREE consultations to students in areas such as English, mathematics, science, and other selected academic disciplines.

Tutoring can help students develop the skills that are needed to achieve academic success in university. Individual or small group tutoring sessions may occur weekly or on an as needed basis. Students may discover that weekly tutoring sessions with a professional tutor are the key to their success or they may find that it only takes a few sessions to enrich their understanding of course material.

We encourage students to be proactive and sign up early. To schedule an appointment, students should call or stop by the CFL. Students are also welcome to drop-in during regular hours and if a tutor is available, assistance will be provided on the spot. Whenever possible, though, students should make their appointments a few days in advance since the CFL is a busy place indeed.