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Settling In

Items You're Expected to Provide

Students are expected to bring desk lamps, towels, blankets, pillows, alarm clocks, coat hangers, cups, plates and other utensils (for those late night snack attacks), personal care items and personal medication. Many students find laundry bags or hampers, stereos, flashlights and radios useful. If you are interested in bringing a refrigerator or microwave, please do not make arrangements for such until after you have read the Refrigerator Policy on the next page. Telephones are provided. They are digital phones -- do not try to plug in your own phone from home, as it will not work.

Arrival Information

An information packet will be sent out to each student (approximately three weeks before check-in) outlining the date and time of arrival and the orientation program. If your arrival plans are later than the dates established, please contact the Residence Life Office immediately so that your room can be held until your arrival on campus.

Storage Facilities

There are no storage facilities located in the residence halls. All personal items must be stored in your room.

Student Use of Refrigerators and Food Storage

Small refrigerators OR microwaves are permitted in residents’ rooms. Not both. This appliance must have a UL seal of approval. It is permissible to keep non-perishable food in student rooms if stored in suitable containers. However, no meals may be prepared in student rooms, and the College expressly bans the use of hot plates and all other cooking devices within the residence halls.