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Education Requirements

Suggested Four-Year Course Sequence for a Bachelor of Arts in Education for the Student Planning
to Teach at the Elementary K – 6 Level*

*Students who are seeking additional endorsements in P-3 Early Childhood, Grades 5-8 Middle School, Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TOSD), or who would like to be certified to teach K-12 (high school) in language arts/literacy, mathematics, biology, earth science, social studies, music or visual arts would have other courses added to their sequence as needed.


Freshman Field Experience & Seminar I
Strategies in Research & Rhetoric I
Mathematics Explorations
History (Global Consciousness)
Laboratory Science (Biology)
Freshman Year Experience I
Freshman Field Experience & Seminar II
Strategies in Research & Rhetoric II
Architecture of Information
Faith & Reason Religion Elective (100 or 200 level)
Computer Applications for Educators
Co-major course


Sophomore Field Experience & Seminar I
Introduction to Child Development (LA)**
Introduction to Special Needs
Communication in Educational Settings
Ethics, Values & Truth (PHIL 250)
Co-major course
Sophomore Field Experience & Seminar II
Mathematics Explorations II
Children’s Literature
Philosophical Foundations of Education (LA)**
Co-major course
Co-major course


Junior Field Experience & Seminar
Educational Assessment
School Curriculum Reading/Language Arts
Cultural Responsiveness (Global Con)
Faith & Reason Religion Elective (300 or 400)
Praxis Review
Co-major course
Junior Practicum (elementary or secondary)
Educational Psychology (LA)**
Reading Course (appropriate level)
History Elective
Co-major course
Co-major course



Senior Field & Seminar
Co-major course
Co-major course
Co-major course
Co-major course
Student Teaching
Student Teaching Seminar
Senior Capstone co-major course
**LA courses are those that fulfill the Liberal Arts requirement of the General Education Curricular Commons
Please note: Course offerings are subject to change.