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Medieval Studies

Minor in Medieval Studies

This minor is open to students in any bachelor’s degree program. The 18 credits required for this minor are distributed in this way:

Required Course: MS 200 Introduction to Medieval Studies (3 credits)
Electives: Any five of the following three-credit courses:

ART 365 The Art of Medieval EuropePHIL 206 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
ENG 300 Medieval LiteraturePHIL 214 Franciscan Philosophical Thought
ENG 301 King Arthur in History and MythRELS 308 The Franciscan Tradition
ENG 305 ChaucerLT 101/102 Latin I, Latin II
ENG 310 History of the English LanguageFRE 101 Elementary French I
ENG 312 Literature of the SaintsSPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I
ENG 345 Myths, Fairy Tales and the Medieval RomanceIT 101 Elementary Italian I
HIST 300 Medieval Times 


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For more information regarding Medieval Studies please contact the Chairperson of the department

Dr. Robert McParland
Kirby Hall Room 329