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Online Religious Studies - Four Week Program

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The Institute for Religious Studies and Education Ministry offers four-week courses for catechists and any adult who seeks to grow in faith. Grounded in the Felician/Franciscan core values for Ministry: Respect for Human Dignity, Compassion, Transformation, Solidarity with the Poor, and Justice and Peace, the Institute supports an educated laity who responds to the call of their baptism that is to proclaim the Good News to all people, everywhere and at all times.

The following courses will be offered on a rotating cycle and each session will offer two courses.  You may register for a single course or both.  Each course costs $30.00:

What We Believe

Introduction to Scripture: A Message of God’s Love
I Believe: Understanding the Apostles’ Creed
Jesus: Person and Mission
Prayer in the Life of the Disciple

How We Celebrate

Unwrapping the Presence of God in the Sacraments
The Eucharist: Source and Summit of the Christian Life
Paschal Mystery: A Symphony of God’s Love
Celebrating the Liturgical Year

How We Serve

Teaching/Learning Skills to Hand on the Faith
The Catechist: Faithful Disciple
The Disciple with Special Needs
Raising Children Together in the Catholic Faith: A Partnership of Families and Church

How We Live

A Mosaic of Catholic Morality
Participating in the Church and its Mission
Catholic Social Teaching: The Joy of the Gospel
Exploring the Way to Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue

Special Topics

NB – Individual (Arch)dioceses will determine their requirements for official catechist certification they provide

course offerings and descriptions


Marylin Kravatz-Toolan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Executive Director of Online Graduate Programs in Religious Education and Director of the Online Institute for Religious Studies and Education Ministry

Registration and Payment

Institute Policies