United Nations NGO Members Meet at Felician

Members of the executive committee of the United Nations Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) Department of Public Information held their annual retreat at Felician College on August 3.

Fourteen Board members met at the Castle on the Rutherford campus for an all-day working session. Dr. Mary Norton, Associate Dean and Professor, Global Academic Initiatives at Felician College serves as the First-Vice Chair.

Felician College is one of approximately 30 colleges and universities that have been granted prestigious NGO status. It led to the development of the UN Fellows Program. The program provides undergraduate and graduate students the unique opportunity to earn 3 credits while participating in specially designed lectures by UN experts, weekly briefings, and international conferences. Further, the program provides students and faculty, unprecedented access to participate in UN conferences and discuss contemporary world issues with international decision makers such as diplomats and ambassadors.

This program makes Felician College a destination for study abroad attracting students from Europe, Asia and South America.

NGOs are the voices of civil society within the U.N. system and foster dialogues to address global issues such as human rights, extreme poverty, climate change, conflict resolution, security, economic development, terrorism, education, and health to name a few.