Picture Perfect

F-Stop: Photography’s Study Abroad Program lands in Florence, Italy

A trip to London convinced Mike Nyklewicz of the impact that travel can have on a student’s education.

“I realized that the different cultures, the exposure to a different way of life can really add to the whole educational experience,” said Nyklewicz, Chair of Art and Music at Felician, and one of the driving forces behind Felician College’s Study Abroad Program.

Currently, the Study Abroad Program consists of a semester-long course of study in a specific field – students meet once weekly in the spring on the Felician campus – and culminate the semester with a three-week long stay in Florence, Italy.

“If you’re studying art, Florence is a perfect location,” said Nyklewicz, adding that one of the Spring 2013 courses will focus on Photography. The other is Travel Writing.

Once there, Florence “becomes the classroom,” he said, noting that course work includes excursions to the many museums, art galleries and churches. Students also are encouraged to get a taste of the local flavor.

Housing is pre-arranged so that the students can live among the local residents.

“Study Abroad is a real eye opener… a mind opener,” said Carlo Colecchio, Director of Study Abroad. “Students who study abroad tend to be more academically sophisticated, and are creative thinkers who are more likely to see the interdependence that we all share as global citizens. Moreover, they come back with a greater sense of their place in the world and they are better equipped to work with individuals who are different from themselves.”

Nyklewicz added: “And what better way to learn about another culture? The kids are totally immersed in the Italian way of life. They’re looking through a lens as well as with all their senses.”