Florence Study Abroad is Picture Perfect Trip

Eight students traveled to Florence, Italy, this summer as part of Felician College’s Study Abroad program. The four-week course focused on photography and Florence is the ideal place to snap away, said Professor Mike Nyklewicz, Chair of Art and Music at Felician.

“Between the museums and the landscape, the students had a lot of opportunities to hone their photography skills,” said Professor Nyklewicz. “They also took a lot of pictures that depicted the culture and lifestyle of the Italian people. They did a great job.”

Felician graduate Gina Lipere, Class of 2013, wrote a daily blog about her trip that included her photos.

“It was honestly the greatest experience of my life,” said Gina. “Making the choice to go was the best decision I've ever made. I would go back there in a heartbeat.”

Carlo Colecchia, Director of Study Abroad, said the Florence excursion has opened the door for other travel possibilities in the future.

“Increasing international travel and study is one of [Felician President Dr. Anne Prisco’s] visions for the College,” said Mr. Colecchia, who noted that this year students traveled to London, South Korea, Japan, as well as Nicaragua, Ireland and Italy. “We have to thank our dedicated faculty and staff and our president for supporting this program at Felician. Learning about and experiencing global culture is so important and adds to the richness of our students’ education.”

For more information about Study Abroad and to view a video about the trip to Florence, please visit the Study Abroad Program website.