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Types of Study Abroad Programs

There are three main types of study abroad programs. Each offers its own unique experiences. The type of program in which you choose to participate will be based on your individual goals, course of study, and preferences. The Director of Study Abroad and your academic advisor can assist you with your decision. Below is a description of each type of program.

1. Faculty-led programs or study tours

A faculty-led program or study tour involves one or more faculty members taking a group of their students to study or travel abroad for, in most cases, a short period of time, commonly between 2-4 weeks.

2. Third-Party Provider Programs

Third-party providers are non-profit organizations or colleges and universities that have established relationships with various institutions abroad to organize and run programs for students enrolled in higher education across the United States. The third-party provider and the institution abroad handle all logistics, including assistance with course registration and housing.

In many cases a student takes courses at the local university abroad, as well as courses designed specifically for the program participants.  Third-party providers often offer internships and service-learning opportunities for students. Third-party providers offer programs for the academic year, semester, summer (4-8 weeks) and, in some cases, winter or J-term programs.

All programs are offered for university credit and a transcript from the third-party provider or the institution abroad is received at the conclusion of the program.

3. Exchange Programs

An exchange program is an agreement one U.S. college or university has with a university abroad. These agreements specifically spell out all details of the relationship. In most cases, one student from the U.S. college or university essentially trades places with one student from the university abroad. Exchange programs are offered for a full semester or academic year.

An example of this is Felician's exchange agreement with University of Ulsan in Korea. Felician students can study at Ulsan for a semester or year and take courses in English. The exchange program is offered for university credit, and a transcript is issued upon completion of the program. In addition, some institutions abroad with exchange agreements may also offer short-term summer programs for students from their exchange partners. The University of Ulsan does offer such a program, where Felician students can take Korean language and culture courses for approximately four weeks. The program is free for students with the exception of airfare and minimal insurance and registration fees.

Examples of Semester Programs

Exchange Programs