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Honors Program

Felician University's Honors Program invites students with strong academic records to join the Honors Program and strive toward graduating as an Honors Scholar. Selection into the program is a clear recognition of students' academic achievements and leadership potential. Students with high SATs and a minimum of B+ overall high school average, first semester freshmen with B+ averages, and transfer students with less than thirty-six transfer credits and past cumulative averages of B+ are encouraged to become Honors students. High-level intellectual discussions, an emphasis upon primary readings, the opportunity to pursue in-depth research, and a service requirement, are the focus and will benefit students of all majors in their daily lives and future professions. Graduating as an Honors Scholar, after completion of a minimum of twenty-seven credits of Honors courses and a ninety hour service requirement (fifteen hours a semester for any six semesters) afford a wide variety of academic experiences with a foundation of preparedness for one's roles in society and as an added plus in applying to graduate and professional schools and a lifetime commitment to service and leadership. Intensive student-faculty collaboration characterizes the Honors Program, which serves to enhance the richness and diversity of academic pursuit at Felician University.

The mission of the Honors Program is to provide students, who have strong academic backgrounds, intensive courses focusing on primary sources and public speaking in a seminar setting and to develop a lifelong commitment to service and leadership. The Honors Program also seeks to engender in students a love of learning and a respect for all of God's creation.

Required Courses for Students in the Honors Program:

  • ENG 101 Honors - Writing the University Essay
  • ENG 102 Honors - Introduction to the Study of Literature
  • CORE 200 Honors - Culture and Diversity
  • CORE 250 Honors - Applied Ethical Reasoning
  • CORE 300 Honors - Journeys to Selfhood
  • CORE 400 - The Franciscan Vision: Honors Capstone

In addition students must take at least three additional Honors which will count as General Education
courses or, depending on the major, electives or related courses:

  • ART 101 Honors - Introduction to Art
  • ART 274 Honors - Color and Digital Photography
  • BIO 120 Honors - Basic Life Science Lecture/Lab (for non-Science majors)
  • FYE 100 and 101 Honors - Freshman Year Experience (required for Honors students in the Arts and Sciences Division)
  • HIST 130 - The Enlightenment
  • PHIL 360 Honors - Philosophy and Literature
  • PSYC 101 Honors - Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYC 105 Honors - Lifespan Development
  • RELS 405 Honors EL (online course) - God, Suffering, and Evil
  • SOC 101 Honors - Principles of Sociology

Upon completion of the Honors Program's course and service requirements and the requirements for one's baccalaureate degree, students receive upon graduation the designation of Honors Scholar on their diplomas and transcripts and are awarded a trophy at the commencement dinner and wear a medallion at the graduation ceremonies.

Felician University has a club on campus, The Honors Students Association, which has on and off-campus activities, an online newsletter, "Honors News and Notes," and the opportunity to apply for the St. Catherine's Medal for Service as an underclassperson and admission to Kappa Gamma Pi, in senior year. A member of the National Collegiate Honors Council and the Northeast Regional Honors Council, students have the opportunity to attend regional conference and present their research before a scholarly community.

If you would like more information about the program, please contact:

Dr. Maria Vecchio
Director and Associate Professor (BS, MA, Ph.D., Fordham University)
Email | 201-559-6017