Alberto Lacava, Ph.D. Professor of Computer Science

Dr. LaCava is a world-class scientist and inventor, collaborating with colleagues at Princeton and at Lehigh University. He serves as Associate Dean for planning and Assessment, twice serves as Chair of the Computer Science Department, and Developed the Bachelor’s Completion Program in Computer Science. He is an NSA, CERIAS and PPAA certified instructor and a Middle States Academic Evaluator.

Field of Interest

Research interests include:

Catalysis, Clean Fuels production, computer simulation of energy and chemical dynamic processes. Adsorption and adsorbent development, computer simulation of adsorption separation and purification processes, environmental purification and separation processes. Publications, presentations to national meetings and many patents were awarded in this area.

Teaching Interests include:

Cybersecurity. Information Assurance and Computer Security. Network Security. Management of Information Systems Security. Digital Forensics. Cryptography technologies and applications. Digital Electronics. Operating Systems Security. Hybrid course design.

Courses Taught at Felician University

CSEC 225 -  Principles of Information Assurance and Security
CS 270 -  Introduction to Programming II
CS 317 - Computer Informatics
CS 320 - Networks and Communications
CSEC 325 - Network Security
CSEC 365 -  Managing Information Security
CS 460 -  Senior Project/ Practicum
MIS 571 - Management Information Systems


47 Refereed publications in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science, 10 non-refereed publications, 12 papers presented to conferences. Some publications as example:
“Discovery of underground argon with low level of radioactive 39 Ar and possible applications to WIMP Dark Matter detectors”
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 587 (2008)46 –51, D. Acosta-Kane, et. al.
“How to Specify Pressure-Swing Adsorption Units”
LaCava, A.I. A.I. Shirley, and R. Ramachandran, Chemical Engineering, June 1998, 105(6), 110-118
“NonCryogenic Technology in Nitrogen Production”
LaCava, A.I. and N.O. Lemcoff, Hydrocarbon Engineering, May/June 1997, 55-59.
“PSA Performance of Densely Packed Adsorbent Beds”
Shirley, A.I. and A.I. LaCava, AIChE Journal, June 1995, 41(6), 1389-94.
“Hybrid Process for Argon and Nitrogen Co-Production”
Jain, R.; M.J. Andrecovich, and A.I. LaCava, Cryogenic Processes and Machinery/LA.Wenzel, volume editor, AIChE Symposium Series, 1993, 89(294), 18-23.
“Novel Pressurization Methods in Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems for the Generation of High Purity Gas”
Shirley, A.I. and A.I. LaCava, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, May 1993, 32(5), 906-10.
Office Location:
Kirby Hall 407 (Back of the computer lab)
Contact Phone:
(201) 559-6163


Graduate Certificate in Computer Science, Purdue University (2003)
Ph.D. In Chemical Engineering, University of London, Imperial College (1977)
DIC (Diploma of Imperial College) (1974)
M.Sc. in Advanced Chemical Engineering, Imperial College of Science and Technology, London (1974)
B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering (Ingeniero Químico), Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina, 1970

Positions Held

Professor of Computer Science, Felician College (2002-present)
Visiting Research Scientist and Adjunct Professor, Dept. Ch.E., Lehigh U. (2008-present)
Manager, Director, Technology Fellow, The BOC Group (later LINDE USA) (1986-2002)
Assistant to Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, CUNY (1977-1986)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Imperial College (1976-1977)