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Meet the Residence Life Staff

We want your stay on campus to be a positive one. To enhance your experience here, we provide a staff comprised of people trained to work in a living/learning setting. This is a good time to introduce our positions to you.

Professional Staff

The Director of Residence Life is responsible for the overall management of residence hall activities and administrative processes.

The Associate Director of Residence Life oversees the Judicial Process, as well as room assignments and switches.

The Assistant Director of Residence Life is responsible for both Elliott Terrace and Milton Court. The Assistant Director supervises the Resident Assistant staff and is responsible for programming, maintenance of the residence halls.

The Assistant Director of Residence Life for International Students is responsible for all international students that reside in the residence halls. This includes programming for this specific population, as well as aiding in their transition to American culture.

The Residence Life Coordinator acts as a first contact for many of our students aiding them in daily tasks and helping them seek the appropriate staff member to help them.

Student Staff

Resident Assistants (RAs) are student staff members who enforce College policies, listen to your concerns, and help you with referrals. RAs also facilitate, plan and implement various programming within the residence halls. Programs provide opportunities to individuals to get to know each other socialize and explore different ideas and issues.

Office Assistants (OAs) are student staff members who work within the Office Of Residence Life.