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Alcohol-Wise is an online alcohol education program for entering first-year students that is implemented by the Counseling Center.

It is designed to reduce risk, educate freshmen students about the harmful effects of alcohol, and positively impact the campus culture.

Alcohol-Wise offers students a learning experience that helps motivate safer decision-making and promote student engagement for creating a healthier campus community.

Virtual Pamphlets

This collection of Virtual Pamphlets is published online by university counseling centers nationwide. The following resources may help you understand these topics and how they relate to university students. You are encouraged to start browsing!

Alcohol and Substance UseImpulse Control
AssertivenessSexual Assault
Attention Deficit DisorderSexual Harassment
Career IssuesSexual Orientation
Computers and the InternetSleep
Cultural IssuesStudy Skills
Depression and SuicideTest Taking
DisabilitiesTime Management
Eating DisordersTraumatic Events
Family and Childhood IssuesVeterans
For Concerned Others 


Real stories - University students are especially at risk for depression. Half of all university students reported being so stressed that they could not function during the past year. In these brief videos, university students share their stories about their struggles and how they connected with appropriate resources.

Medical and Psychological Links

The following sites offer substantial information on a variety of topics that address medical and psychological issues.