Brian Kelly, M.A., Ed.S. Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Brian Kelly is a Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Felician University who is in his eighth year in higher education instruction. He is former police academy coordinator, and has successfully trained and certified over 1000 New Jersey police and corrections officers at the Essex County College Police Academy. He has extensive experience in the supervision and research of Security Threat Groups. Currently, he is a licensed private detective #8653, a nationally designated certified fraud examiner (CFE), and the owner of a security management agency in New Jersey, via the New Jersey State Police. Brian Kelly is a retired law enforcement officer with 15 years experience, who has worked in the realms of police, investigations, and corrections, having also been a member of a county Special Emergency Response Team designed for special operations. He was the only county corrections officer to have been selected to operate as a tactical operator for two tactical elements, as well as a K-9 unit. He will be designated an ASIS Certified Protection Professional (CPP) in 2013.

Prof  Kelly is due to receive a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership Management and Policy from Seton Hall University in December 2013. Professor Kelly will also begin his doctoral studies in Criminal Justice at Nova Southeastern University next Fall.

Field of Interest

Security Threat Groups, Fraud Detection, effects of detention and incarceration of Juvenile Gang Members, Suicide Prevention for Law Enforcement Officers

Courses Taught at Felician University

CRIM 110/111 Criminal Justice I/II
CRIM 112 Police in America
CRIM 230 Victimology
CRIM 240 Community Supervision
CRIM 312 Criminology
CRIM 340 Cybercrime
SOC 315 Terrorism and Political Violence

Office Location:
Kirby Hall 415
Contact Phone:
(201) 355-1147


M.A., Ed.S., Ed.D., Candidate, Seton Hall University
B.S. Saint John’s University

Positions Held

Assistant Professor, Felician University (2011-present)
Adjunct Professor Union County College (2011-2012)
Adjunct Professor John Jay College (2012)
Adjunct Professor Caldwell College(2009-2011)
Adjunct Professor Essex County College (2008-2010)
Adjunct Professor Fairleigh Dickinson University (2007-2010)
Adjunct Professor Gibbs College (2004-2008)